Avoiding Pregnancy

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System is 99.5% effective at avoiding pregnancy for those who use the system perfectly.

The typical user effectiveness at avoiding pregnancy is 96.8%.

Comparatively, the use effectiveness of the birth control pill is 91% and a condom is 82%.

Advantages of using CrMS to avoid pregnancy

  • Medically safe:
    • no artificial hormones
    • no irritating devices or “medicines”
  • Highly effective:
    • 99.5% method effective
    • 96.8% use effective
  • Effective during all life circumstances, including:
    • Regular Cycles
    • Irregular Cycles
    • Post-pill (or any other birth control)
    • Postpartum
    • Breastfeeding
    • Pre-menopause
    • or any other situation!
  • A shared system between the spouses
  • Natural
  • Respects the dignity of women and integrity of marriage
  • Standardized

If there is a serious reason to avoid pregnancy, a family planning progesterone blood draw can confirm ovulation has passed. In a 13 year study (632 cycles/105 women, including women with multiple children), there were ZERO reported pregnancies when using the family planning progesterone blood draw. The Creighton Model FertilityCare System teaches the woman to identify her peak day, then she has her blood drawn on P+3.

After learning the Creighton Model, intercourse should be avoided when trying to avoid pregnancy during the heavy and moderate days of the menstrual flow and the baby days shown on this chart. The baby days represent an average of 5-6 days of mucus plus 3 days to account for post-peak ovulation. This chart represents an average 28 day cycle.